“What I’m about to say might be considered blasphemy…”

“DNA,” she drops the notes onto the end of the desk, and I sigh: she’s not referring to deoxyribonucleic acid. Here, in this clinic room, DNA stands for ‘did not attend’.

“Your eleven o’clock is here early though. Shall I bring him through once I’ve weighed and measured him?”

“Yeah, thanks. That’d be great.”

She glances at the mess of toys and crayons scattered over the giant city plan play mat, before noticing the fire engine that now stands in watchful readiness under the furthest recesses of the examination couch. It’s her turn to sigh as she considers tidying everything up in a couple of hours. She stoops down and removes the Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Continue reading ““What I’m about to say might be considered blasphemy…””


It’s still a sin to kill a mockingbird

Five years ago. It’s 3am and there’s a stack of notes at the end of the long, curving nurses’ station. Only around five or six, now. When I started five hours ago I could’ve sworn it was never going to drop below twenty. I pick the next set and start reading about the patient I’m about to meet in cubicle six.

In ED I never read these charts from front to back, I start by skipping to the patient’s vital Continue reading “It’s still a sin to kill a mockingbird”