Playing Soccerball with the future

European Union Flag

All opinions are not equally valid. This was brought home to me today, on a longish drive home, when I decided to succumb to the current national fervour and tuned in to the England vs. Wales match. I think it was pretty exciting. To be honest, I have very little experience to go on and there’s really only so much you can garner over the radio. The commentators seemed excited though, so at least someone was having a good time.

Crucially, I’d be the first to admit that other than being vaguely aware that the 2016 You-Wafer Eurovision Soccerball Trophy Tournament is currently underway, I know very little about Roundball. This is a source of some not insignificant anxiety to me. Every day I live in fear that someone might attempt to strike up conversation by asking my thoughts on last night’s match, or about how much Arsenal United paid for their latest Goal Attack player. Sometimes late at night I can’t sleep for imagining myself trying to explain the rules of the game to my hypothetical future children, desperate to understand what the other children play…

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